Ayupet Zerokeet Ectoparasite Control for Dogs – 100 ml

160.00 Inclusive of GST

  • Effective to kill all fleas, ticks and other parasite infections
  • Kills all fleas and ticks within minutes
  • Prevents re infestation
  • Easy application
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AYURVET Zerokeet Ectoparasite Control For Dog – 100 ml The Ayurvet Zerokeet Ectoparasite Control for dog is one of the most effective ways to get rid of all fleas and ticks. This is a common problem among all dogs. Your dog can easily get infected with these infectious parasites on his regular walks or just from proximity with other dogs in the locality. This is all herbal oil, which uses only natural ayurvedic products. The Zerokeet Ectoparasite control for dog is a long lasting product. The application is fairly simple. Just dilute it in water in a 1:2 proportion and use a cotton pad to apply it all over your dogs body. The most common areas of infestation are under the arms, on the neck, behind the ears and the tip of the tail. The application of this product helps to kill all ticks and fleas and also helps in preventing their re infestation. This is an extremely beneficial product as it helps to kill all adult fleas effectively before they can lay any eggs on the pet and further multiply.


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