Beaphar Plaque Away Mouth Wash for Dogs & Cats, 250ml

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  • Protease, an enzyme that effectively destroys the protein structure of plaque before it binds with calcium to create tartar
  • Chlorohexidine, an active ingredient that lasts much longer in the mouth than other similar active ingredients.? It provides effective protection against gingivitis, with the route cause of this dental disease stemming from plaque formation and plaque build up
  • Echinacea, effective at reducing plaque formation and mopping up bad odours
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Specially designed to provide functional oral care for dogs, Beaphar Plaque Away has been carefully developed to care for your pet?s teeth and gums, providing you with a convenient yet effective dental regime for daily use. Carefully formulated with advanced enzyme action, Beaphar Plaque Away provides pet owners with an effortless way to keep teeth and gums clean and healthy, even along the gum line. It provides daily protection for teeth, resulting in better oral health, fresher breath and reducing the need for expensive dental treatment.


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