Bellotta Tuna Cat Gravy Food -85gm

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  • Cat Food
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Bellotta tuna in gravy cat food is a complete food for your cat. It supplies all the essential nutrients required for the cat to live a healthy life. Taurine assists in keeping the heart healthy. Vitamin a helps to strengthen the eye sight of the cat. Tuna, enhancing the taste of the food. Also, it is present in the food in the form of light brown kibbles. Natural oil brings health and shine to the coat of the cat. Some cats are prone to urinary tract infections, the dietary preparation would also take care of the health of the urinary tract. The crunchy kibbles are designed to maintain the oral health by rubbing off the plague and tartar from the gums and teeth of the cat. Now you can retain your love and affection at optimal level for your cats. Because we pet club India choose the best product like cat food and cat treats, cat wet food, cat dry food for your cat of all breed and size. Pet club India is an online pet store which offers all the cat products that satisfy the new and improved food standards. You can also order online at get the cat food delivered at your door steps without any hassle. Features: bellotta offers a chance to your pet to attain an optimum level of health. The diet includes taurine, an amino acid which is self-produced by the bodies of many mammals, but cat’s body is unable to produce this besides some other nutrients. Taurine helps protect the heart of the cat by keeping it healthy. It also acts as an antioxidant and strengthens the immunity of the body. Urinary tract infections, which some cats are prone to, are also countered by the specially formulated diet.


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