Dono Dog Waste Pickup Bags

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Easy for Using: You can easily make a quick tie with our poo bags after picking up cat or dog poo Plastic Outside Bag: The outlayer of the pet poop bag is 100% leak-proof ; it can lock in not only the poo but also the odors after you tie the bag Soluble Inner Paper: The inner layer is soluble; it can easily be dissolved with the help of impact of toilet water, so you don’t need to take the poo bag to the nearest doggie waste station Multi-usage Dog Waste Bags: The size of the pet poop pick-up bag is 32.5*17.5cm(12.5*7 inches); there are 100 single bags in one pack, it can be used when you are cleaning dog’s toilet, playing with your puppies in the partio or walking outdoors.

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DONO Pet dung pick-up bag is suitable for cleaning dog???s dung while traveling with dogs. It is not used for other purposes. This product is differently according to the different regions, laws and regulations and use. According to the local waste disposal requirement, paper bags and pet dung are thrown into the toilet and flushed away. Plastic bags can be recycled. Plastic bag is insoluble in water. It is forbidden to throw the plastic bags into toilets. This product is suitable for small and medium sized dogs and cats. This product is stored in dry shelter.

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