Farmina Vet Life Feline Formula UltraHypo Dry Cat Food

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Farmina Vet Life Feline Formula UltraHypo is a wholesome prescription diet for adult felines suffering from unfavourable reactions like allergies and intolerance to foods. The diet is recommended for felines dealing with chronic inflammatory bowel diseases and frequent vomiting. Having a content of hydrolyzed fish allow the reduction of the size of protein while making sure the proper intake of vital amino acids. Farmina Vet Life Feline Formula UltraHypo offers high-quality protein content which assures the efficacy of the power hypoallergenic. The diet contains only refined rice starch as a carbohydrate source which eliminates the onset of allergic reactions induced by proteins of the vegetable source. Omega 3 present in the diet is an excellent fatty acid for reducing the inflammatory condition of skin and skin appendages. Group of dietary fibres like cellulose and prebiotics support regulated bowel movement and a higher nutrient absorption.

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Farmina, Vet Life

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