Himalaya Anxocare Vet Tablets – 60 Tabs

150.00 Inclusive of GST

  • Suitable for cats and dogs
  • Key ingredients include Indian Pennywort and Winter Cherry
  • Generally used for stressful events like travelling, increased noise levels etc.
  • Please consult a vet before using (esp. for dosage recommendations)
  • Check for possible allergens
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The Himalaya Anxocare vet tablets help to calm your pet on days that involve travelling, unusual levels of noise or plenty of new people. This behaviour modifier is directed to deal with aggression, hyper excitability and restlessness due to stress. One of its key ingredients is ‘Brahmi’ or ‘Indian Pennywort’ which is said to relieve agitation or irritation. It is also said to enhance mental performance, promote retention and receptivity. Winter Cherry is another key ingredient which is said to protect one from the effects of stress.


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