Intas Neomec Ivermectin tabs,10 mg

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These tabs from Intas contain primary ingredient ivermectin which is used in the treatment of bodily worms and other parasites. Works good against heartworms, mange, maggot infestation.

This medicine has some adverse effects on the liver, hence vets suggest to use it alongside a liver protectant for pets.

Dosage should be as prescribed by practicing veterinarian. Usual dosage is 1-1.5mg/kg body weight in dogs & cats.

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For treatment of intestinal worms, mostly mites, some lice, also include mange. The medicine isn’t effective within the elimination of ticks, flies, flukes, or fleas. Because the eggs & larvae on the floor will mature and come back to the host.Effective against larval heartworms, but not for adult heartworms, though it may shorten their lifespan. The dose of the drugs must be very accurately measured, thanks to it’s highly toxic in over-dosage.


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