Petlogix Whitening Coat Wash- for Cats and Dogs 400ml

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  • Dispense 5-6 pumps of this coat wash in a mug filled with 3/4th part water and mix well.
  • Thoroughly wet the coat of your pet with water and rinse out heavy dirt.
  • Apply this solution over your pet’s fur evenly and massage well starting from back of the head to the tail to create a lather. Rinse well.
  • Towel dry or use a dryer approved for pets
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Petlogix Whitening Coat Wash Shampoo is the perfect choice for pet owners who are looking forward to an easy solution for whitening the furs of their furry friends. It is specifically formulated using the natural ingredients to ensure that your pet’s skin will look at its best without causing the slightest discomfort due to its rich fusion of natural extracts. While other synthetic options may take away the natural oils and nutrients from your pet’s skin, Petlogix no-tear whitening coat wash provides optimum cleansing and whitening results whilst maintaining healthy, shiny skin and coat. Suitable for dull and light coats, this coat wash concentrate is enriched with lemon, lime and lavender flower extract that will naturally lighten and remove dull and yellow tones. The long-lasting effect of this pH-balanced coat wash will keep your pet looking clean and smelling fresh.

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