Twistix Peanut and Carob Flavor Large Dog Treats -156 gm

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Peanut Meal is rich in essential fats that help strengthen the cardiovascular system and keep heart diseases at bay. Oats Flour tends to be rich in Fibres, Anti-Oxidants, Vitamins and Minerals. Fibres work alongside Moisture to facilitate a proper digestion, reduce the risks of colon cancer, and keep the weight in check. Antioxidants combat against harmful free radicals that damage vital organs. Vitamins and Minerals, present in these treats, help organs function at an optimal level. Carrots, another essential ingredient incorporated into the recipe of these treats, extend vision care, prevent various forms of cancer, and promote a healthy coat. Furthermore, these treats contain a high amount of Proteins that is crucial for developing and repairing muscles and tissues.

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