Vetri Science Renal Essentials Feed Supplement For Dog (45 Tabs)

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  • Renal Essentials Supplement
  • Kidney support formulas for optimal kidney function during times of stress
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Renal Essentials is recommended to support and maintain proper kidney function and mineral balance. Renal Essentials contains necessary nutrients, minerals and vitamins that support kidney and liver function. Normal detoxification, normal fluid retention and renal circulation. Renal Essentials maintains kidney function through supporting renal circulation, immune and antioxidant defense system functions, homocysteine balance, normal fluid retention, stress management, liver functions, and normal detoxification. The inclusion of astragalus root powder supports kidney circulation and immune function, while the Chinese herb rehmannia supports kidney and liver function, and is known as the ?kidney???s own food.? Other ingredients like vitamins B1 and B2 support metabolic activity, including the metabolism of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates, supporting proper energy production.


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