Virbac Veggiedent Oral Hygiene Large Dog Chew, 490 g

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  • Virbac Veggie Dent For Large Dogs > 30kg – 7 vegetable chews
  • VeggieDent works with the dog’s chewing action to reduce plaque and loosen tartar.
  • VeggieDent daily as a first step toward oral hygiene or on those days when brushing isn’t possible to keep breath fresh and teeth clean.
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Maintaining the oral hygiene of your pet can be a tough task at times. There are a lot of dogs that can develop bad breath very easily. It can be because of various reasons, there can be food stuck within the teeth that can go stale and lead to bad breath. The Veggie Dent Chew stick is perfect to develop stronger teeth for your dog and maintain its fresh breath. All this by giving your pet chew sticks! The Veggie Dent chew from Virbac is perfect for all medium size dogs and comes in a palatable vegetable flavor, which is liked by almost all dogs. The chew sticks helps to prevent accumulation of all plaques and calculus over your pet?s teeth. This product will help to not only maintain but drastically improve your dog?s oral hygiene. It gets rid of bad breath with ease, while your dog has fun with the munchies.


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